YouTube Videos

These videos will guide you through the process of doing a reserve study.  As more videos become available, they will be posted here.  Click the thumbnail to link to the video.


Introduction video for reserve study software

This introductory video is nine minutes long and covers the major functions and structure of the Reserve Funding Analyzer.

You will learn the navigation principles using the RFA, which parts of the application require data entry and which parts are informational.   

Reserve Funding Basics

Reserve Funding or Reserve Study Basics

This video provides  explanation about reserve funding and building a reserve funding plan.

Learn about concepts such as Fully Funded Balance, funding methods, the difference between straight line funding and cash flow funding. 

Data Entry

Reserve study software data entry

In this second instructional video using the RFA, learn how to perform data entry.

Generally starting with entering reserve component data and then following up with the financial information such as annual operational expenses and current income that HOA receives. 

Build the Funding Plan

Using RFA to build a reserve study funding plan

This video demonstrates how to develop a multi-year funding plan using the data from the Data Entry example. 

DIY Physical Inventory

Reserve study physical analysis

The most time consuming part to creating your own reserve study is the physical inventory and analysis of the reserve components. 

This video provides guidelines on how to do this.

Design by Reserve Study HOA