Testimonials and Reviews

Our HOA has been using the RFA for two years and can't say enough about it! It has permitted us to do refined budgeting and more careful planning for future expenses. It is a great improvement over the commercial study we had prepared several years ago and far more flexible.

I have found the Reserve Funding Analyzer to be an excellent way to build/manage and analyze a reserve study. In the case of my HOA, we have been using a variety of rather primitive spreadsheets that worked okay but they were a pain. With the RFA, it's now easy to manage the reserve assets and I think overall it's a must have tool for any HOA.

I have been using the RFA for about two months. And, I can say without any qualms,  that the RFA is outstanding.  I have been able to make rapid changes to our HOA's components and financials, and present it to the board in a method that they can easily understand.  The board approved my requests for modifications.  Using an existing reserve component inventory, I was able to complete the analysis, generate the recommendations and create a reserve study report in about two hours.

Another fabulous benefit to using this product is Steve's rapid response to any user issues that I had. For example, I emailed Steve on a Friday about a problem in generating reports for a board meeting that was scheduled for the following Monday. Steve asked for a copy of the RFA.  He modified it, told me what I had done wrong in entering the component dataset, and sent a fixed copy back to me. One cannot ask for better service than that!!

Our small coop association does not by law require us to have a certified engineering study performed every 3 years like condo associations in our area. None the less a study was made 10 years ago, for which we had the paper work. For a fraction of the cost of a new engineering study, RFA allowed us to input and update our original study and improve it with more realistic projections and actual costs, and try various "what if" scenarios. This converted the static report into a dynamic tool that's regularly used and highly beneficial for our property's self-management.

I have used several software packages over the years and have concluded that yours is the best of all of them.  By the way, I believe that you under charge what it is truly worth.

Your RFA application is simply outstanding.  I love the features to Include or Exclude various items to quickly and instantly see the effect of changes.  The RFA shows the path forward clearly and in a format that is understandable to everyone.

Using the Reserve Funding Analyzer has helped show the community that we have well-planned financials.  We believe that having an up-to-date study increases the value of our homes by as much as 12%.

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