The Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA)
Reserve Study Software for DIY Reserve Studies

The Reserve Funding Analyzer  –  The Keystone for Effective DIY Reserve Studies

What is the RFA?

The Reserve Funding Analyzer – or RFA – is a powerful financial analysis tool expressly developed for HOAs using Microsoft Excel.  The application lets you create a full funding plan from simple data entry of your reserve components and current financial status.

The RFA is used as a critical element in performing Reserve Study:  

  • Suitable for any size organization.
  • Continuous clarity and understanding of your HOA's or association's true financial condition.
  • Perform a full reserve study or update an existing reserve study.
  • Run scenarios or updates at your leisure without reliance on outside consultants.
  • Develop full sensitivity analysis to visualize the immediate effects of changes ... including the effects of both short-term and long -term inflation, the effect of lengthening or shortening the mainteance interval for reserve items and/or the effects of changes in income.

Why is it better than other applications?

The key benefit of the Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA) is the ability to provide the HOA or community association with affordable and flexible means to fully analyze the reserve funding requirements and develop a comprehensive funding solution to assure that funds are available when the reserve components require maintenance or replacement. It uses the same sophisticated financial analysis methods used by capital funding consultants.

So, why the RFA over others?

  • The RFA is the only reserve study software that includes annual income and operational expenses in the financial analysis.  Other software application exclude annual dues and operational expenses.
  • One-time low cost.  No annual subscription.  Lifetime license and future updates at no additional cost.
  • Excel-based application.  Familiar interface.
  • Reserve study reports created using Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF.
  • Compliance with all national standards for reserve study reporting.
  • Create unlimited scenarios to perform what-if analysis
  • Stand-alone application does not require Internet connectivity.

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What does it do?

Once you have entered the inventory of the reserve components and the HOA's financial data, the RFA will perform the financial analysis to develop:

  • Summary of the financial condition of the reserve fund.
  • Generate 30-year projections of the reserve balance, contributions and expenses.
  • Analyze potential impact of inflation, loans and special projects.
  • Visualize if adequate funds will be available to cover each year's expenses – reserve expenses and operational expenses.
  • Tabular listing of the reserve component inventory.
  • And much more ...

Complete Reserve Study Report

When data entry is complete, a full reserve study report can be created from the RFA.  The output from the RFA is in Microsoft Word which allows you to perform full edits.  You can also create the output to a PDF file.

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Full Portability

The RFA is a stand-alone application.  That is, it is not subscription based and does not rely on online entry of data or analysis.  The RFA is an Excel application that runs on your PC or Apple Mac with a Windows partition (e.g., Boot Camp Assistant).  The RFA is not compatible with the Mac version of Excel.

All data entry is retained within the application which assures flexible portability among any Windows PC.

Where can I get more information?

Everything you need is on this web site:



Reserve Funding Analyzer Features

No other reserve funding software has all the features of the Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA).

  • Improve budgeting and forecasting accuracy.  Make better capital allocation decisions and prevent underfunding reserves.
  • Microsoft Excel based application offers familiar interface.
  • Extensive built-in ease-of-use programming.
  • Full error checking capability.
  • Logical data entry.
  • Internet cloud not required for application, but cloud-based data storage is fully supported.
  • Low one-time cost.  No annual subscription.
  • All future updates included at no additional cost.
  • Automatic data migration from prior  version.
  • Multiple scenarios easily created and saved.
  • Analyze both the operational and reserve funding expenses.
  • Estimate and model the effect of taxes.
  • Assess effect of special assessments and special projects.
  • Assesses the risk of special assessments and/or deferred maintenance.
  • Analyze potential impact of inflation and interest.
  • Apply both long-term and short-term inflation values.
  • You have control.  Run analysis yourself without reliance on outside consultants.
  • Provides ability to identify Structural Integrity (SI) components so you can demonstrate that SI components are adequately funded.
  • Includes worksheet to assist with the creation of assessment allocation plans.
  • Creates annual reserve expense  maintenance schedule.
  • Generate expenditure projections for 10 to 30 years.
  • Assess effect of loans and loan payments on year-to-year balance.
  • Real-time representation of effects of data entry changes.  When you make a change to an assumption or data point, the effect is instantly shown.
  • User can create notes and comments to document the analysis for future users.
  • Full portability between computers.
  • Creates a complete reserve study report in Microsoft Word format which allows for end-user customization.
  • Create the reserve study report in PDF output using MS Word's export function.
  • Multiple graphs and tables provide full depiction of financial status.
  • Instant recognition of all annual expenses and availability of funds.
  • Full disclosure of methodology and calculations.
  • Full compliance with national reserve study standards.
  • Full support through online user forum.
  • Unlimited ability to create 'what-if' analysis without changing component attributes.
  • Develop full understanding into your HOA's or association's true financial condition.


What is the cost and how do I get the  RFA?

The RFA costs $537  You can purchase the RFA here.

All payments are processed by PayPal to ensure a secure checkout.

Demo Version

You can download a functional demo version of the RFA for evaluation.  Some features have been disabled in this trial version, but you can excersise all the options using the sample data that is provided. 

Click here to go to the Free Trial page and download. 

You need to have a Windows PC with Microsoft Excel installed to run this free trial version.  To run on an Apple Mac, the Mac computer should have the capability to boot to Windows.  This will require the creation of Windows partitition using Boot Camp Assitant. And, you must use MS Office for Windows not MS Office for Mac.

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