Purchase the Reserve Funding Analyzer - RFA


  • Reserve Funding Analyzer application ... a native MS Excel Macro Enabled workbook
  • End User License Agreement
  • RFA Usage document
  • RFA ReadMe document
  • Bundled with documents and manuals that are available here.


  • Full support on using the Reserve Funding Analyzer is available through e-mail and through the online community forum.


  • When updates are available, you will receive them at no additional cost.
  • Regular updates will be posted to the Discussion Forum.  You need to register there to receive notification.  Registration is free.


  • PC with Windows 7 or higher, or
  • Apple Mac with Boot Camp Assistant and a working Windows partition and MS Office for Windows
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows or higher
  • Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows or higher

Additional Information

Click here for additional information about the Reserve Funding Analyzer.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the RFA application, you can return the software within 15 days after purchase:

  • Remove the software from your server(s) and archives
  • Inform us by e-mail.  Go to the Contact page. 
  • Include your registration name or e-mail address in the notification e-mail, and your money will be refunded.



Secure Payment by PayPal 

Note:  During checkout at PayPal, you should see Forza Componenti as the business name.

Demo Version    

You can download a fully functional demo version of the RFA for evaluation.  Click here to download.

You need to have a Windows PC with Microsoft Excel installed to run this demo version.  It will not run natively on an Apple Mac.  To run on a Mac, you must use Boot Camp Assistant and create a Windows partition on your Mac and then have installed MS Office for Windows ... not MS Office for Mac.


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