RFA Free Trial

You can download a functional demo version of the RFA for evaluation.  Some features have been disabled in this trial version, but you can excersise all the options using the sample data that is provided. 

Click here to download (or click the "Free Trial" image on the right)

You need to have a Windows PC with Microsoft Excel installed to run this free trial version.  To run on an Apple Mac, the Mac computer should have the capability to boot to Windows.  This will require the creation of Windows partitition using Boot Camp Assitant. And, you must use MS Office for Windows not MS Office for Mac.

Due to a recent security enhancement by Microsoft, there is possibility that you will get a security warning that Microsoft has disabled built in macros.  Microsoft made this change to the Windows operating system to ameliorate the possibility of downloading nefarious software. 

If you get a security warning such as this ...

... or this ...

... then follow the instructions located in this PDF file.

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