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Reserve Study HOA encourages and assists HOAs and community associations to conduct their own reserve studies using resources they have at hand and offer assistance in the form advice as well as the financial analysis application that has been developed expressly for this purpose ... the Reserve Funding Analyzer.


Most associations rely on a reserve study company or specialist to perform their reserve study.  But, with due diligence and some guidance, this task is not as daunting as it might seem.

It is my hope to provide the guidance so that you can be confident to approach this task yourself and the tools to ensure that your analysis is sound and meets or exceeds the standards of practice and relevant regulations.


Provide the guidance so that you can perform an effective reserve study yourself.

Offer a very affordable application for performing your own reserve study.  Using the Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA) application, you can perform the financial analysis and create a reserve study report that fully complies with best practices and standards.



As an officer on our local HOA Board, we were tasked to have a reserve study performed.  The work was performed by a specialist in the field and the final deliverable was not satisfactory.  There were incorrect assumptions and omissions and the financial analysis results were  incorrectly performed. 

Utilizing my skills and knowledge as a consultant and financial analyst, I then developed our own application for performing the financial analysis and development of our reserve funding plan.

We found that assessing the reserve components was less difficult that one might assume and with the financial analysis software that I developed we were able to quickly develop our own reserve study.


Developer of the Reserve Funding Analyzer, an application for reserve study software to analyze reserve funding for HOAsI have educational background and work experience in engineering, project management and financial management.  During my 30+ years working as an engineer and consultant for IBM, I evaluated large enterprise IT environments, including capital financial planning and analysis. 

I have been awarded a US patent forUS Patent for reserve study software the development of modeling software for IT environments that includes a full financial analysis.

My corporate clients include many large Fortune 500 companies.


The Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA) utilizes the same principals and methodologies that are used to perform capital planning and financial analysis when assessing large corporate IT environments ... these same principles apply to reserve studies for HOAs and community associations.

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