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Do It Yourself Reserve Studies

Using the Reserve Funding Analyzer The Keystone for Effective DIY Reserve Studies

The Reserve Funding Analyzer — Software for Reserve Studies

The Reserve Study Software that is The Keystone for Effective Financial Analysis for DIY Reserve Studies

One-Time Cost $537

The Reserve Fund Analyzer (RFA) software has the best functionality and highest flexibility at the lowest cost of any reserve study software that is availalable in the market.  The learning curve for using the sotware is much faster than competive software as it uses skills that most users already possess.

Includes ability to denote reserve components as Structural Integrity components which align with recent State of Florida legislation that require condo associations that are three-stories or higher to perform regular Structural Integrity Reserve Studies (SIRS).

The only Reserve Study software that accounts for both operations and reserve expenses AND major incomes sources (e.g., annual dues, loans and special assessments) to develop a funding plan that not only offsets ongoing deterioration, but also meets common operations expenses.



Three Key Steps for Creating Your Own Reserve Study

Using the Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA), the creation of your Reserve Study is broken down into three key steps or phases.

Build Component List

Enter your reserve component list.  Everything you need to help you develop the list is available here ... from checklists to how-to guidelines.  Enter the component data into the Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA).

Develop Funding Plan

Get the Reserve Funding Analyzer or RFA.  Enter your key financials and assumptions.  The RFA performs the funding analysis.  Make quick changes to visualize the effects.  Create multiple scenarios.

Generate Report

Generate the reserve study  report from the RFA.  The reserve report is in Microsoft Word format for convenient review and distribution to the stake holders.

Click here to view sample report.

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Get the Free Do-It-Yourself Reserve Study KitFree DIY Reserve Study kit

Download the free DIY reserve study kit.  This kit contains guidelines, manuals and standards for performing your own reserve study.

Click Here for Free DIY Reserve Study Kit


Download the Information Sheet

Do you have an upcoming meeting to discuss your association's reserve funding?  You can view/download this information sheet and distribute at the meeting.  Click the image to the left.

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Prepare your own Reserve Study

Why do your own reserve study?

Do It Yourself (DIY) reserve study
  • A DIY reserve study is economical.  Click here for information about reserve studies.
  • It's fast.  When the reserve cromponents are identified, for example from a prior study, creating the reserve study report using the Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA) is easy and quick.
  • You're in control.  You can easily run different scenarios of the reserve funding for budgeting purposes.

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Start with the basics ...

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Testimonials and Reviews

Our HOA has been using the RFA for two years and can't say enough about it! It has permitted us to do refined budgeting and more careful planning for future expenses. It is a great improvement over the commercial study we had prepared several years ago and far more flexible.

I just wanted to thank you for your updates and for the Reserve Funding Analyzer.  It has made a big difference in our Condo Homeowners Association budgeting.

Using the Reserve Funding Analyzer has helped show the community that we have well-planned financials.  We believe that having an up-to-date study increases the value of our homes by as much as 12%.

I have used several software packages over the years and have concluded that yours is the best of all of them.  By the way, I believe that you under charge what it is truly worth.

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