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What is the RFA?

The Reserve Funding Analyzer is a Microsoft Excel-based application that has been developed for HOAs and community associations to perform financial analysis on the HOA expenses and develop a funding plan to meet those expenses.

The RFA is used as a critical element in performing Reserve Study ... either a full Reserve Study or an update to a Reserve Study.

 The RFA is suitable for any size organization and can be used as part of  the development of a full reserve study or an update to an existing reserve study.

How Does it Work?

The Reserve Funding Analyzer works like any MS Excel application.  The user enters data and the application calculates the outcome.

But with the RFA, you do not have to create the relationships.  The application has been developed for you with extensive built in programming and very intuitive data input.

The key feature for the user is the ability to quickly perform what-if analysis and instantly see the results.


What is the Output?

The Reserve Funding Analyzer provides the  tables, charts and graphs to support your reserve funding plan.

The resulting output provides an evaluation of the current strength of the reserve fund and helps you develop a recommended multi-year reserve funding plan.

The RFA is a native MS Excel workbook and as part of the MS Office family, you can take full advantage of the features that are part of MS Office.

The Reserve Funding Analyzer is a full-function financial analysis tool.

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Reserve Study Financials

The RFA stands heads and shoulders above any other reserve funding applications ... in terms of function and price.  You will not find a better application for developing your association's funding plan.  The RFA is easy to use and walks you through the development of your plan.  The end result is to give you a good understanding of your association's financial commitment and funding needs.

DIY Reserve Study

You can perform your own Reserve Study.  Save money and time, learn the process and obtain excellent results using the method described on our DIY Reserve Study page.  Click the link immediately below.

DIY Reserve Study


You can watch some videos that provide an overview of the Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA) as well as videos on general topics about reserve studies in general.  Click on the link below.

Reserve Study and RFA Videos

Get the Reserve Funding Analyzer

The Reserve Funding Analyzer (RFA) is available for immediate purchase. Most associations have the ability to perform the physical analysis of the components.  And that is the most important part of a reserve study.  Afterwards, you need to develop your funding plan.  That is where the RFA comes in.  Using the RFA application, you can create a professional funding plan even though you may not be an accountant or a financial analysis expert.  You can purchase the RFA ... use the link below.

Purchase RFA